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What we do?

We are dedicated to fostering peaceful, inclusive, just, and resilient territories and communities. We aim to achieve this by working in close cooperation with our member associations to empower LRGs and their leaders on the ground. Our approach revolves around the belief that LRGs are best placed to identify and shape solutions to the most complex challenges of our time. Whether it is to decarbonise our territories, combat inequalities, or navigate new health crises, nothing can be achieved without strong and empowered LRGs. We strongly believe that LRGs should be structurally involved in designing European and national policies and be given the opportunity to influence global and international dialogues. Ultimately, it is essential that they are provided with effective financial means and competencies to drive the transformation of their territories hand in hand with local communities.

CEMR is the oldest and largest organisation of our kind. We strive to reinforce LRGs because we firmly believe that supporting local leadership and investing in local self-government is crucial to producing the changes we wish to see in our environment and societies.

This is the mission CEMR has proudly served since 1951.

Guiding principles of this strategic plan

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Building bridges

No organisation can succeed in isolation. Together, we are powerful.

Embracing challenges

We approach challenges proactively knowing that standing still is not an option.

Harnessing collective knowledge

The future hinges on unlocking our collective intelligence.

The power of individuals

With talent and passion, we have the capacity to reshape the world.