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Polish local, regional and national governments work together to rebuild roads

Close to three thousand kilometres of municipal and county roads were built or modernised from 2009 to 2011, thanks to the national programme for the reconstruction of local roads, put forward by the Association of Polish Counties (ZPP).
The national government agreed to allocate close to one billion zlotych (about €227 million), the investments having been financed 50% by the state and 50% by local and county authorities.
Thanks to this established cooperation, new roads and bridges were built, older road networks were repaired and engineering equipment was replaced or fixed, improving the overall condition of local and county roads in Poland.
ZPP representatives participated in the drafting of the programme's financial rules and supervised its practical implementation. 'Our pro-development decisions not only altered the local environment," explains Marek Trams, president of the Association of Polish Counties, 'but have also had a significant impact on the entire country".
Polish local and regional authorities and CEMR
The Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR) has two member associations in Poland: the Association of Polish Cities (ZMP) and the Association of Polish Counties (ZPP).
Founded in 1917 and reinstituted in 1991, the Association of Polish Cities represents 298 of Poland's 2 479 municipalities, which represents 74% of the total urban population. It is presided over by Ryszard Grobelny, the mayor of Poznañ.
ZMP's main objectives are to defend the interests of its member municipalities, allow for the exchange of experience in municipal management, and push for the economic and cultural development of local authorities. The association has also developed a database of good practices and helps build local government capacities for the better provision of public services.
The Association of Polish Counties represents 319 out of 379 Polish counties, which accounts for 75% of the population. It provides its members with a platform for exchange, including on scientific and cultural matters, pushes for the socio-economic development of counties, and helps establish foreign contacts and networks.
The counties association was initially created in 1939 and was reinstituted in 1999. It is currently presided over by Marek Trams.
Both Polish associations cooperate when it comes to defending the interests of their members at a national and European level. They also work together for the joint implementation of projects financed by the European Union and by Norwegian grants.
Local and regional government in Poland
Poland is a unitary state composed of 2 479 municipalities (gminy), 379 counties (powiaty) and 16 provinces (województwo).