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Commission launches survey on municipalities adapting to climate change (Deadline: 29 May)

Municipalities have until 29 May 2012 to complete the European Commission’s survey on “Preparing for Climate Change in Cities” which aims at identifying where cities in the EU stand with regard to adapting to climate change.

rnThe survey's objective is to inform on the exposure of cities to natural climate-related hazards, on existing adaptation strategies as well as on current or required support.

rnThe survey is a part of the European project "Adaptation strategies for European cities", which aims to better understand the impacts of climate change at the local level. It also aims at raising awareness of the risks of climate change and at ensuring an exchange between municipalities of best practices and tools developed during the project.

rnThrough this project, the Commission emphasises the key role played my municipalities in the economy and that it is therefore essential that they adapt to climate change so as to ensure the sustainability of European growth.