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2008 World Mayor Prize awarded to Helen Zille, mayor of Cape Town

The mayor of Cape Town (South Africa) Helen Zille, has been awarded the 2008 World Mayor Prize by Citymayors, the international urban affairs think tank.

Hellen Zille was chosen through a selection process out of 820 mayors in the world. Some 200 000 people took part in the 2008 World Mayor project. Participants in the competition were invited to nominate and vote for city leaders who excel in qualities like: leadership and vision, management abilities, social and economic awareness, ability to provide security and to protect the environment as well as the will and ability to foster good relations between communities from different cultural, racial and social backgrounds.

During the selection process, voters were invited to provide a reasoned comment on their vote. A commentator supporting the nomination of Hellen Zille said: "Helen Zille is a person for the people! She has shown what can be accomplished when the right groups come together and stand for what is right, whether they are minority or majority. Her dedication and all encompassing enthusiasm is an inspirational example on how to govern and lead".

Source: Citymayors