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Let’s bring together our citizens!

Take part in the European neighbours' Day to be held on 26 May 2009 in many European municipalities and cities.
Each year, on the last Tuesday of May, inhabitants of a same building or area are invited to share a nice time around a buffet. or a luncheon with their neighbours. This event, relayed by municipalities and local associations, aims to better the 'living together", to develop a real sense of community and to promote European citizenship.
Any city or town is welcome to participate in the event by promoting the event with the inhabitants using all the communication means at their disposal.
The organisers say that some 8 million people from 29 countries took part in last year's edition. Around a thousand city halls, local authorities and organisations worldwide have become official partners of the event; 800 of these from Europe.
Background information
European neighbours' Day is an initiative of the European Federation of Local Solidarity (EFLS). Its objective is to foster mutual community support in all its forms, by creating networks for exchanges on neighbourly and community practices.