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A small town in Normandy offers fleece jackets to school children as the heating temperature lowers to 19 ºC

While French local governments step up efforts to combat the energy crisis amid skyrocketing prices, some municipalities have adopted energy restraint measures.
In Périers, a small town in the Manche department with a population of over 2,000 inhabitants, its mayor Gabriel Daube has decided to cut costs by turning down the heating to 19 degrees in all municipal buildings, including its school. To compensate, each of the 350 school children will be offered a fleece jacket.
With a total budget of €6000, this initiative should be seen as an investment, explains Gabriel Daube. Périers is indeed expected to reduce its energy bill by €20,000 this winter. Additionally, those jackets will be produced in France to contribute to the local economy and production industry while reducing the town’s energy consumption costs.
This initiative complements a series of other long-term measures to decrease the town’s environmental footprint and energy bill, including in the field of public lighting and thermal insulation.