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Committee of the Regions in favour of the European Constitution

In a open letter published early December, the president of the Committee of the Regions, Peter Straub, states that the Committee of the Regions endorses the ratification of the Constitutional Treaty.
Writing on behal of the members of the COR, Peter Straub adds that the European Constitution is a Constitution for Europe's local and regional authorities since it grants new powers and responsibilities to local and regional elected representatives.
The Committee of the Regions welcomes the European Union's new motto (United in diversity) which must govern the EU especially through the respect shown for the powers of local and regional authorities in line with the new definition of the principle of subsidiarity, the effective application of the principles of subsidiarity and proportionality, early consultation and impact assessment of the impact of EU legislation on municipalities and regions…
It also callson the European Parliament, as well as national and regional parliaments, to ratify the Constitutional Treaty.