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First public wind farm developed by local authority

The first public wind farm to be developed by a local authority and not through private funding was inaugurated in January 2011 in the municipality of Montdidier in France.
Through this project, the municipality maintaining electricity prices as low as possible and at creating local jobs all the while avoiding energy insecurity. The farm's four wind turbines should produce a total of 19 000 MWh per year, while the city's inhabitants consume about 39 000 MWh.
A total investment of €11.2 million was required for the farm, which was funded via a loan and two contributions of a million both from the Regional Council of Somme and from the European Union.
Montdidier, which sees itself as a pilot municipality in the harnessing of energy, has also notably launched projects for the thermal isolation of schools, the changing of public lighting, and the construction of a wood-fired heating system and district heating.