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CEMR Leaders Summit 2024: A Crucial Post-Election Gathering for Local Governments

The CEMR Leaders Summit, 17-18 June 2024, at the European Committee of the Regions in Brussels, marks the first gathering of CEMR leaders with the new EU Parliament. This event is a crucial moment for shaping future policies and strategic directions for the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR).
The agenda for the Summit opens with the Policy Committee Meeting, which will address various statutory affairs and thematic work, including sustainability initiatives, territorial cohesion, and urban-rural linkages. These discussions are essential for addressing the immediate and long-term needs of local communities in the context of the recent elections.
June 18th will feature high-level panel debates focusing on the future of Europe and integrated territorial development. Key topics include democracy, sustainable development, enlargement, and effective collaboration across government levels. These timely discussions offer an opportunity to align local priorities with the broader European agenda.
The previous CEMR Policy Committee, held in Prague, culminated in the signing of the Prague Declaration, setting expectations for local leaders for the next EU mandate. Holding this year’s summit immediately after the European elections allows for a timely recalibration of priorities and strategies in light of the election results. This gathering will enable CEMR leaders to forge a unified vision and collaboratively address the pressing challenges and opportunities facing Europe’s local and regional governments in the coming years.