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CEMR Engages in a Vibrant Debate on Europe’s Green Transition at SMARTCITY Expo Barcelona

The Secretary-General of the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR) is set to participate in a high-stakes panel discussion at the SMARTCITY Expo Barcelona. The session, titled “Governance-in-Partnership to Achieve an Inclusive Green Transition,” will delve into the pivotal role of local and regional governments in delivering Europe’s green transition goals.
Local and regional authorities are at the forefront of Europe’s green transformation, playing an irreplaceable role in achieving autonomy through green energy sources within the EU while reducing dependence on fossil fuels. This ambitious vision is central to the CEMR’s message as they work to create an inclusive, sustainable, and green future that leaves no one and no place behind.
The CEMR Secretary-General, Fabrizio Rossi, will discuss Europe’s challenges in garnering widespread support for this green transition. These include the fear of negative social impacts. He will also showcase how region-to-region cooperation and going beyond the traditional urban-rural dichotomy, can lead to more effective solutions for addressing Europe’s challenges in garnering widespread support for the green transition. 
In the context of the upcoming EU election, it is also crucial to understand that addressing the potential negative social impacts and inequalities is critical for the future of European democracy and social justice.
CEMR has recently become a supporting institution of SMARTCITY Expo Barcelona, the world’s largest urban innovation event, guiding cities towards a brighter future since 2011. The event brings together global leaders from innovative companies, governments, and organisations to promote urban innovation and empower cities to confront today’s pressing challenges.