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Enhancing Municipal Capacities: Training for Bridges of Trust Project

CEMR, in collaboration with the Association of Ukrainian Cities and with support from the U-LEAD with Europe Programme, is organising training sessions for municipalities participating in the Bridges of Trust project. These trainings aim to equip municipalities with practical knowledge of EU funding programmes, including Interreg Next, Erasmus+, and the Black Sea programme, along with essential project management skills.

One objective of the training is to strengthen the capacities of local governments for international cooperation and European integration, with a particular focus on the reconstruction efforts in Ukraine. Participants will gain a comprehensive overview of the programmes, including eligibility criteria and the intricacies of the application process. The sessions will enhance the abilities of Ukrainian and European local governments to access EU funds effectively.

In addition, three specific training sessions will concentrate on project management, covering the three crucial phases of a project’s lifecycle: planning and initiation, implementation, and monitoring and control. These sessions aim to provide participants with a solid understanding of project management principles and practical tools to assist them throughout the process.
Leading the sessions will be Kirill Dimanopoulos, an expert from CEMR specialising in EU funding and project management. Following the training, participants will apply their newly acquired knowledge and skills to develop collaborative reconstruction projects with their partners as part of the Bridges of Trust initiative.

Take a look on the trainings’ agendas: Introduction to Interreg Next – Bilateral and Multilateral Interreg Next programmes – Erasmus+ programme – Interreg Danube programme – Black Sea programme – First Steps in Project Management – Implementing the Project – Monitoring and Control